"I took the Design Dr.'s advice in January of this year.  i wrote down a detailed list of EVERYTHING I desired for my new home in LA.

As I was writing the list, it was so tempting to tell myself none of this would be possible, but I remembered to not hold back and truly call in everything I wanted. Distressed concrete island, gray wood flooring, white cabinetry, tons of natural light...I went all in.

Here I am in June in a house in LA that should have been out of my price range and exactly matches my list! Thank you Design Dr. for opening my mind to the possibilities of manifestation!"


After using the keys in the Guide to Living in Abundance, I invested $20 dollars in paint and made simple changes to my home that changed my life!
I have a new job, a new car and I finally feel I’m on the path to fulfilling my dreams and desires.
— Debbie, Interior Designer, Los Angeles

I lost 10 pounds by redecorating
my bathroom!
I still can’t believe it! I made a few inexpensive changes that elevated my alignment and now I’m happier and the weight I want to be!

Thanks Doc!
— Mikka, Student - San Diego

I’m semi-retired and single!
I wanted more love in my life. I was able to tune out the negative thoughts that kept me from remodeling my bedroom!

Now, I have a beautiful love nest and
— Jenny, WA