Life by Design

I love to tell my story.

I love telling people about how I went from having to decide between putting gas in my car or buying food for my children, to being a wealthy woman, living a life of abundance with unlimited choices.

My desire is to give hope in the telling and joy through the living.

My story is a familiar one. I grew up in a small mid-western town. My family was fairly dysfunctional, alcoholism and "bad" behavior was my normal, it was actually encouraged if I'm being totally honest. I spent a lot of time outdoors to escape. I was happy in nature. We weren't necessarily religious, but we did go to church on occasion to appease my mother's family. That's where I learned about a higher power and the notion that we were somehow part of a bigger plan. I understood this because that's how I felt when I was in nature. But what was my personal purpose in this bigger plan? Why was I here? I spent a lot of time thinking about this as a child. I was a troubled deep, deep thinker and as a result, didn't fit in with most of the other kids. Plus, they didn't know about dyslexia or ADD in those days! Kids like me spent a lot of time cleaning the sinks in the back of the room or in detention. I ended up dropping out of high school with nothing but a lot of opinions and deep, deep thoughts! I bounced around jobs, friends, towns and of course lots of experimenting with mind-expanding drugs and exploring a variety of spiritual belief systems.  I was desperately trying to find my place in the world.

I have been a maid, a cashier, a waitress, a phlebotomist, a receptionist, a secretary and more. I worked my way up from receptionist to become an award winning advertising producer!  I was a successful corporate art dealer and I was even a stuntwoman for a while. I know….right! I told you, I was all over the place. There were three things I discovered through those experiences; I loved being creative, I loved being active and I knew I was here for a reason, mainly because I wasn't dead yet!  I knew that if I had survived so far, I must be here for some reason.  I just wasn't sure what that reason was.

After a nasty divorce, I was forty years old working at Warner Bros. as a Human Resources clerk.  I was putting the pinks in the pink pile and the blues in the blue pile. I was renting a small home in Valencia, CA with my two small children. I'll never forget the day I was sitting in my robe at my teetering 3 wheeled computer desk, feeling completely hopeless and depressed. I typed into Monster "design jobs in Valencia", covered my eyes, took a deep breath and hit search! I was shocked when a Showroom Designer position at Kaufman & Broad came up! I had no idea what it was, but I knew that whatever it was, I could figure it out! As Marie Forleo says, "everything is figureoutable!"  I got the job!!

I started making fairly good money and my life was starting to calm down. My ex was still a big problem and my kids and I were showing signs of stress. One day, one of my designer compadres, introduced me to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. Abraham put all my childhood thoughts of being connected to a Higher Power into focus. I understood instantly!   But the thought that I was actually co-creating right now, co-creating in real time, was completely new to me and absolutely thrilling. I began to understand that I was 100% responsible for everything in my life, the good and the bad.  I had always known that I was strongly connected to a higher power and that things would come to me, but now I understood that my thoughts actually were my reality. Abraham gave me the tools to tap into Source and become a Master Manifestor.

As I practiced the art of deliberate intention and began manifesting my desires with joy and expectation in my heart, things started to dramatically improve. I started making a lot more money, I bought a house, my kids were doing better. So many things were improving. It was getting kind of spooky. I would tell my friends to watch as I manifested! I would say things like I'm going to imagine something like getting the perfect parking space or a check for $10,000 and poof! There it would be! Time and time again. I was getting good at this. I started my own business and was soon making more than a quarter of a million dollars a year, doing what I love to do! I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  ME, the high school drop-out drug addict!  I was doing it!!

One thing was missing! A romantic relationship, a partner in life. I had an ah-ha moment and thought to myself, what if I used my interior design knowledge and blended it with my LOA practice to bring love into my life!?! I started with my bedroom. I looked at my bedroom with a new purpose. I noticed that I had a picture of a cactus next to my bed! Yikes! My room was painted a light brown. My sheets, my drapes and my furniture were beige. Beautiful but not romantic. Nothing said LOVE in the room. Now, I'm not a girlie, girl so it was a bit a stretch for me to "think pink". So, I decided to just add touches of pink. I painted one wall pink and use pink sheets and accent pillows. I switched out the cactus art for a large abstract of a rose and put scented candles in discreet places and an abstract sculpture of a couple embracing. I bought a ridiculously expensive bottle of perfume! One that smelled like love and money! Every morning I sprayed myself with that perfume and said to myself, "I am a wealthy woman madly in love."

Then I put my LOA practice into action. I wrote lists. I meditated. I visualized. I imagined his clothes and where we would go, what we would laugh about and what we would eat. I made a vision board. I could feel him in my world. I could smell him. I could taste him. Love surrounded me in every way, in my mind. Then I started getting dates from men that were closer to the man of my dreams, but "the one" was not quite there yet, but I knew he was on his way. I could feel it deep in my soul.  This was working!

As I continued dating I amending my list, I honed my desires to perfection. I added things like "doesn't live with his mother". I realized you have to be very specific when you are in the Vortex! As the old saying goes, "Be careful what you ask for, you might get it". One of the wonderful things about the LOA is that when the Universe gives you contrast and as you experience things, you can change your list, refine your desires even further, to get exactly what you want. And if you decide that it doesn't feel quite right either, you can just do it again until it does! Enjoy the never-ending journey of choosing! There is no end to the joy you'll find along the way.

While on the path of true love, I realized that I already knew this man. Someone I had dated more the 40 years ago. A man I had held in my heart all of those years, my dear Norman! I pulled out old cards he had sent me. I started wearing jewelry he had given me over the years and put a picture of him on my nightstand with a small candle in front. I began meditating specifically on Norman. Two months later he called. We've been married for over 7 years now. He is my soulmate.

I wondered if my clients would get similar results. So, I started applying the process to my clients' projects. I started noticing significant changes were happening in their lives as well!  WOW!!  People were sleeping better, finding love, and manifesting money. It was undeniable to me that the deliberate, intentional blending the science of design with the power of the Universe was an important tool to becoming a master manifestor and becoming your highest and best self! The Design Doctor concept was born!

I decided to start really paying attention to what I was doing and how this was all happening. I started writing down specific steps I was taking. As I said, I'm a high school dropout, dyslexic designer, so writing does not come easily to me, but I was getting so excited I couldn't stop.

As a designer, one of the things I realized was that most people, not everyone but a whole lot of people, really don't know what they like. They were terrified of making a mistake. This made me so sad that I made the conscious decision, that my approach to design would be one of personal empowerment. I wanted people to feel more confident about their choices and aware of what made them feel good, rather than me tell them what should feel good because of the latest trend.   Essentially, my design work become more about personal growth and less about design. Of course, design is a lovely bi-product and I use design as a tool to reach my clients' goals, but I became more interested in working with people who wanted to grow personally and become their highest and best selves than someone who wanted to remodel their kitchen!  One of my personal goals was to figure out what were some of the simplest changes I could make that would produce the biggest impact in someone's life.  What could I do that would take the least amount of effort and provide maximum results!  It's amazing what can happen with simple, truly simple, inexpensive design changes that can make a life changing impact on your personal growth!  I particularly loved working with couples, because men and women use very different "yardsticks" and values to achieve the same goals and when these come together it's awesome, magnificent fireworks!

As I was experimenting and percolating on the magnitude of all of this, I had another Ah-Ha moment!  The most empowering thing I could do was to teach people to use these methods themselves.  I could teach people how to use these tools themselves to make their home a magnet to GET EVERYTHING THEY EVER WANTED. 

I've compiled this information in THE GUIDE TO LIVING IN ABUNDANCE - a self-guided, step by step program to get you LIVING IN THE VORTEX, to help YOU get everything YOU want by improving YOUR environment.


It worked for me and I can't wait to see what it can do for you!

All the best, all the time,

Nancy Swanton