You have taken the first step in renovating your life! The first step in becoming a Master Manifestor!


The KEY to any successful renovation is to first take some time to begin building the foundation for your fabulous future! We will start by identifying one of the biggest mistakes people make in design and in life! That mistake is to view things in isolation.  When you design a room you consider how each piece will fit with the other. You wouldn’t want to just buy a lamp, sofa and area rug without consider each element’s cohesiveness. The same is true with your life. It all has to fit together, so it’s critical that you take time to clearly understand that NOTHING OCCURS IN ISOLATION.

Everything and everybody is connected. Everyone and everything is part of a larger collective consciousness. Some people call the collective consciousness God, others Allah, Source, Buddha, Higher Power or some other name for their spiritual core. What ever label you choose, the core belief is the same! WE ARE ONE WITH “IT” AND WITH EACH OTHER. Our connection is on a vibrational level. Every being, every thing is vibrating on a cellular level. Light, sound and thought all vibrate as well. This vibration IS OUR CONNECTION. When you’re vibrating at the right frequency for you, you feel connected to Source, you feel a sense of well-being. You feel GOOD! The better you feel, the better you feel and the better life gets! This is the BIG PICTURE PERSPECTIVE!

When you’re vibrating in alignment with Source, the pathways are cleared and the Universe delivers unlimited amounts of whatever it is you are directing your energy towards! This is why it’s so important to make sure you have a clear BIG PICTURE PERSPECTIVE of what you are truly wanting to manifest! Once you’re in receiving mode and living in the Vortex you’re going to start receiving faster than you could ever imagine, so let’s be clear about what you are wanting!

The BIG PICTURE PERSPECTIVE is also about your true purpose in life, the purpose of Co-Creating. Your unique vibrational frequency was developed and brought to this physical place for a purpose! You are not an accident or some random biological reaction! YOU are actually a divine being brought to this physical place to have physical experiences as a Co-Creator with Source.  The purpose of those experiences is for the expansion the collective consciousness, Source. Your job is to “transmit” all that you have learned back to Source, in real time.  This is why we have desires.  This is why we are seeking improved feelings and why WE WANT MORE….

You were given an amazing tool box to navigate this physical experience, your senses.  Your Personal Guidance System (PGS). You know what feels right, or not. You know what tastes good, or not.  You know what sounds pleasing or not! You know what looks pleasing and what doesn’t! You have an emotional sense as well.  All these tools were given to you for the purpose of communicating your experiences to Source. Your information is constantly being transmitted whether you are aware of it or not.  Everything you have in your life right now is there because you sent the message, a ROCKET OF DESIRE!klj’

The Universe thrives on synergy, balance and harmony, so imagine how powerful your message could be if you intentionally get into vibrational alignment with the purpose of sending a clear message about what you are wanting.  That is exactly what this program is designed to do - CLARIFY YOUR MANIFESTATION MESSAGE AND GET YOU IN VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT!

I love immediate gratification and I bet you do too.  The best way for you to create a CLEAR Manifestation Message is by first collecting and connecting with your desires in a focused, cohesive, coherent way.  This Manifestation Message IS the basis of your foundation for your fabulous future. You are going to begin the development of your foundational Manifestation Message in four groundbreaking ways.  

  • Tame your Monkey Mind Meditation

  • Tune-in to your Personal Guidance System

  • Tune-out Negative Thinking

  • Stay in the Vortex with the Principles of Vibrational Alignment

First, we are going to quiet your “Monkey Mind” with meditation. Often our message gets lost in the static and noise of our “Monkey Mind”.  We want sooo many things and there’s so much to think about, it can difficult for Source to decipher our garbled messages  Through meditation, we are going to get your “Monkey Mind” to take a little nap, while you connect with Source. In our meditation we are going to unlock and align your Chakras with visualization, aroma and SOUND!  

Second, we are going to help you get in touch with the true purpose of your six senses,  Your Personal Guidance System (PGS)! Your PGS is loaded with the most powerful tools you could ever use to build your fabulous future!  It’s has all the information you need to figure out what works for you! And it’s always working with you, JUST FOR YOU. Your PGS is there to help you KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU AND WHAT’S NOT.

Third, we will Tune Out Negative Thinking.  This may be one of the most important and most difficult steps in the DDR program.  Negative thoughts and negative thought patterns run deep. We are programmed to think it’s hard work to turn negative thinking around but the truth is it’s easy!  The most difficult part in changing how you think, is imagining that you can do it quickly, amazingly quickly. I’m going to teach you how to turn your negative thoughts to pure positive energy!  YOU CAN DO IT!

Fourth, we show you how to stay in the Vortex with the Principles of Vibrational Alignment.  In this section I’ll show you how the Universe aligns with you and your thoughts. I’ll give you the basic principles of understanding how and why the Universe always has your back!  YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!