Meditation is the act of quieting your mind and allowing the connection to Source. Some of you may be very familiar with meditation, for others, this may be a new experience.  The key is to be kind to yourself and to breathe. Some days, you may be able to quiet your mind more easily than others.  If you’re having trouble, don’t worry, with practice, you will be able to do it more effortlessly. It is super important that you keep trying.  

I know some days, there is no way I can settle down enough to sit still.  I just do the best I can and if I can’t, I do something active for a while and then come back and try again later, or I wait for another day.  I congratulate myself for trying and say to myself, “Self” you must need to be busy today! That’s awesome!!”

I believe the singing of hymns, chanting mantras and praying is to amplify the vibrational alignment with Source.  There are prayer groups with specific messages! There are meditation groups focused on global harmony and enlightenment and they have proven a success.

The DDr team recently attended at the Abraham-Hicks seminar where Abraham explained, through Esther Hicks, “The most important thing you can do to connect with Source and be in the Vortex, is to quiet your mind through meditation.”  Abraham had all 500 of us focus on the white noise of the fan in the air conditioning system, to tune out our other internal thoughts. It was powerful.

Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup series and 12 Principles of Success and who has been a great inspiration to me, also encourages meditation as part of his Hour of Power process.  20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of reading in your particular area of interest and 20 minutes of exercise.

Deepok Chopra and Oprah have a 21-day meditation practice that guides you through meditations that free your consciousness from the constraints and perceptions of time.

I’ve combined several of the practices I’ve tried over the years, into our own DDR Meditation that triggers all your senses. I have found it very effective, but feel free to explore what others have to offer.  The most important part is that you find what works best for you so you can connect with Source.

“You are a divine child brought to this physical place to Co-Create with Source for the purpose of expanding the collective consciousness.  

Your job is to “transmit” all that you have experienced back to Source. “


In our meditation, we are going to focus on unlocking and re-aligning our 7 Chakras!  In essence, we are opening up your circuit board. Take a few minutes to review the Chakra chart below and what energy levels each Chakra relates to.  You’ll notice that all the Chakras also have a color associated with them, the colors of the rainbow. We’ll talk more about this as we devel into the science of design and learn how to use these colors to trigger your emotions and energy.  

What this chart does not show is that our Chakras are also intuned with the musical scale.  DO, RI, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO! Isn’t that cool!! We know EVERYTHING vibrates, so adding the vibration of sound amplifies your connection even further!

In our meditation, we are going to visualize the colors are they move up our spine and we are going to sing or hum the musical scale!  There are 7 Chakras and 8 notes to the musical scale. On the final DO, visualize your body surrounded in white light as you return your thoughts back to your Root Chakra.






Emotions and Aromas are also linked to our Chakras.  If you’re feeling that you would like to focus one particular Chakra, then light a candle that emits an aroma associated with that Chakra.

Set aside 20-30 minutes where you will be undisturbed. Find a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably.  Wear comfortable clothes. Give the space a pleasant aroma, with a candle or essential oil or body lotion. And a timer!  You’ll need a few minutes to bring yourself back after you finished with your meditation, so leave a little extra time for regrouping.

Imagine yourself in a safe place.  A place that you feel supported, loved and secure.

Wiggle your shoulders, now your arms and your shake out your hands.  Relax your arms to your sides. You can place your hands in your lap or on your thighs.  Palms up general means ready to receive, palms down is more caring and protective, so you choose what you need that day.

Gently tilt your left ear to your left shoulder, then your right ear to your right shoulder.  Gently rock your head back and then slowly bring your chin to your chest and then slowly back up to neutral.  Close your eyes if you haven’t already.

You will begin by breathing in deeply through your nose, expanding your ribs wide and breathing out through your mouth, pushing your ribs down and closed.  Wiggle your jaw around to loosen it up. Rest your tongue softly in the middle of your mouth.

As you meditate visualize a warm golden/red light that begins at your root Chakra, hum DO in a deep throaty, DO for a few seconds.  Then move to your visualization gently to your abdomen and visualize golden/orange and hum RI repeats this process as the light blends with all the colors the Chakras and gently flows up through the crown of your head as you hum the scale, the last DO.  The last DO is a high note and encompasses your whole body in white light as you transcend back to the Root Chakra. So, it’s a big glowing, humming circle…..OHM!

As you breathe hum or sing the scale: DO RI MI FA SO LA TI DO, in a rhythm that feels natural to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable humming the scale, just gently hum any tone that flows freely and effortlessly as you exhale.

You are ready to begin


I am a divine child brought to this physical place to Co-Create with Source.

Breathe into the count of 8.  Breathe out to the count of 10.  Repeat this a few times until you feel your own natural rhythm take over.   Keep going for 20 minutes while you visualize and hum.

You’ll probably feel a little light headed afterward.  It’s powerful stuff! You’re doing great!! This is what alignment feels like!  You are in the VORTEX, baby!