‘Tis the season to reflect and appreciate our connections! Our connections to each other, our connection to our inner self and our connection to Source. The end of the year is the natural time to connect with our natural rhythm of the Universe AND TO CELEBRATE THOSE CONNECTIONS!

Whether your celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or FESTIVUS, we all take time at the end of the year to CONNECT AND CELEBRATE!! We do this by engaging all of our senses! We decorate, we cook, we eat, we sing, we dance, we hug and we reach out to others to share our desire to be part of the collective consciousness - and celebrate our humanness, together!


We have traditions that we repeat every year, because they brought us JOY the first time, and the memory of that JOY is enhanced each time we share that tradition. It could be an old family recipe that you make or eat every year. It could be an ornament from your childhood or a song. If you don’t have any traditions that spark JOY, it’s time to make some! Traditions are important even if it’s for a party of ONE!

All of these things are sensory triggers that amplify your connection to Source! Sooo, celebrate like your life depends on it, ‘cuz it does!

If you’re looking for tips on decorating a tree, Pinterest is the place to be.
If you’re wanting more in your LIFE’S STOCKING - I’m your SANTA, Baby!



I’m going to give your some tips today on how to use those sensory triggers to not just give you those warm fuzzy feelings, but to actually deliver a new POWERFUL MESSAGE to Source, that YOU ARE WANTING MORE….

Some people love to create elaborate decorations with multiple trees and vignettes. Some people are happy with a simple candle, star or decorative pillow. Whatever your energy level, budget and space allow the principles are the same!

  • Set your intentions

  • Visualize your newlife

  • Clear the physical pathway to allow the new energy to be delivered

  • Identify areas for visual and sensory triggers that reflect your vision

  • Organize your triggers in patterns that resonate in harmony with the Universe

FIRST STEP - Set Your Intentions

The first step in everything we do together is setting your intentions. Take a few minutes to think about what it is you are really wanting this season and beyond!

Write 3 things that you want. It could be better relationships. It could be a new car. It could be a restful vacation! Or, to not gain any weight over the holidays! Write 3 things very quickly. Don’t over think! They don’t have to be realistic, in fact it’s almost better that they aren’t!!

  1. ___________________________________________________________

  2. ___________________________________________________________

  3. ___________________________________________________________

It’s almost like there really is a SANTA only we call it the VORTEX. On Dasher and Prancer! On Donner and Plitzen!

Buckle up Rudolph, you’re sliding on in to the HOLIDAY VORTEX of ABUNDANCE!! ……Jingle all the way!

THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO, BE OR HAVE when you are in alignment with the Universe!


STEP TWO - Visualize Your Newlife

Ok, so you have your three things, right! Now, quickly write how your life will be different when these three desires are your new reality!

Think of how this new reality smells, tastes, sounds, feels, smells and how your spirit feels in your newlife!


“My life will be____________________with___________________ because, with ______________________________ I will feel

_______________ and then ___________________________________________________________________________________


I know it seems like “boring work” but, ya gotta have a plan, if you want to get what you want! Read this story to yourself every morning and every night!

Write 3 words that describe this new reality, your newlife!




Hold these newlife words and images in your mind as you develop your design!

STEP THREE - Clear the Pathways

Now, using your Big Picture Perspective, approach your home from the driveway and take a tour around your home! Look for focal points, places that you want to draw your energy towards! Walk through your home and find your natural focal points and identify areas where you might want to force one!

Check out Design #2 “My Favorite F____ Word” for more details on how to find your focal points! These are your power centers!

As your checking out your house take notice, Is there anything blocking your energy? You might be surprised how you’ll see things that are literally blocking your JOY! Are there things in your home that remind you of things you’re trying to change? Put them in a box for now and use the space as an opportunity to send your NEWLIFE MESSAGE with an object that reflects your new self image.

Is any furniture blocking the energy flow? “Hey, that bookcase at the top of the stairs is totally blocking my flow.” Or you might see areas where you WANT TO BLOCK energy! It could be that windows are directly across from your front door, essentially forcing the energy to go flying from the front door right out the window. That’s a perfect opportunity for a chest or bench, KEEP THE ENERGY WHERE IT BELONGS!

For now, just identify these areas. I’ll talk about what to do with them next!

STEP FOUR - Create Visual & Sensory Triggers

Think about your newlife description. Use the color wheel to see what colors represent those emotions.


As you tour your home and identified your focal points also notice any existing colors that you might want to amplify in your Holiday Vortex Design.

Typically, holiday colors are red, green, blue, white, gold and silver. You’ll notice there is no white or silver on the color wheel. White is usually associated with purity and clarity. Silver, wealth and elegance.

Identify 3 colors/emotions that you want to use to amplify your intentions! You’ll tweak the tones later, right now, just be broad and general in the knowing of the emotions you want to evoke when you see your colors!

Create a treasure trail of visual triggers in your focal points throughout your home!

Start at the entry and work through your home placing little power pops of your trigger colors that will guide you to the next discovery! It’s a visual treasure trail amplifying your emotions toward your newlife, every step of the way!

In this example the intentions are for clarity, energy and wealth - so the colors are white, red, silver and gold! That color palate is repeated throughout the home in focal points and arrangements that are designed in a balanced scheme, sending a clear message - that the Universe must deliver!


I enjoy creating, but I also enjoy a ton of other things too! I especially enjoy immediate gratification, so to make things easy, I add my personalized touches to pre-decorated pieces! I’ll add a few bangles and sparkles to make it my own! It looks like I spent hours creating a designer look without all the work! Throw a pre-made wreath on the table and put a candle in the middle! VOILA!

Then I make sure all my decor, throughout the house uses those same elements! Even down to the wrapping paper and hand towels in the guest bath!

Make your message clear, from the doorstep to your pillow!


The Universe thrives on consistency and harmony. When you use symmetry, asymmetry and balance effectively, you actually align with the Universe on a vibrational level. This next step teaches you how to use these basic design principles to get into and stay in vibrational alignment with Source!

What is symmetry? Very simply, it’s where things are symmetrical, equal. In essence bookends, parallels in identical proportion. Asymmetry is when things are not. That’s not a bad thing! It produces energy and thought!

Here’s a fantastic example of how to combine symmetry and asymmetry to create harmonic energy in a balanced manner! Notice how the objects are of varying heights, texture, density and “weight”! This gives depth and interest all while being symmetrically balanced - GORGEOUS!!

asymmetric mantel.jpg

We are bombarded with commercials and magazine covers with gorgeous designs, just like this! They can seem so unattainable. Sometimes, this can create a yearning or a feeling of lack! That is exactly the opposite of JOY!


It’s not how MUCH,

it’s HOW you use it!

You can create the same effect, with half the stuff! It’s not how MUCH you use, but HOW you use it!


Now, find candles, perfume, lotion or potpourri to stimulate your olfactory senses! Stimulate your sense of touch by adding a textured pillow or blanket to your sofa, bed or chair! It gets even better if it’s in your color palate. Play music or add a tickling fountain, something that taps into your sense of hearing, create sounds that sound like your newlife.

How do you taste your newlife? Maybe you buy that special tea that you’ve been denying yourself. Or maybe you start eating those healthy salads only skinny rich bitches eat! OR my personal favorite…pour yourself and nice glass of Pinot Noir and toast to YOU, FABULOUS YOU!!!

xmas dog.jpg




I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the Design Tips!

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