Hi, I’m Nancy Swanton THE DESIGN DOCTOR.  

I’m an interior designer with a different approach to design. I’m all about helping you FEEL GOOD by using the science of design, blended with the power of the Law of Attraction to help you reach your true potential.  


This is my very first blog.  I even had to google, "what is a blog?!" before I started writing.

I’m having the best time figuring this stuff out!  It's so much FUN!  I love learning about new ways to communicate!  I love finding new ways to tell people about the experiences I’ve had as a designer and how those experiences have changed my life and helped me become a MASTER MANIFESTOR.

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I’ve been an interior designer for over 15 years.  I’ve always loved interior design and architecture.  Design comes easily to me, writing not so much, so I hope you'll bear with me! When I’m writing about design it just seems to flow and that feels sooo good!  Since I’m all about finding good feelings, I’m going with the flow... 

Design is an incredibly important communication tool.  Design is all about finding ways for you to express who you really are in a three dimensional form.  Design is also all about making you FEEL GOOD!  I believe LIFE is all about finding good feelings, finding joy and your finding your happy place.  

Because the better you feel, the better you feel......and the better you feel, the better life gets!  

As I started my journey into the world of professional design, I was struck by something I found pretty remarkable.  I discovered that most people, not all, but a whole lot of people truly did not know what they liked. I found they were even kinda afraid to have an opinion.  

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They wanted me to tell them what they SHOULD LIKE.  This blew me away.  To me design is an intimate collaboration, where my client expresses their desires and we work together to manifest them.  It was this realization that people needed more help feeling confident, that caused me shift my design approach to be one more focused on personal empowerment than latest trends.

Another thing I realized was that people had some pretty strong feelings about design and interior designers, and most of it was not very positive.  Everyone loves to look at beautiful designs and tons of people would looove to actually be a designer, but because of their lack of confidence and their deeper feelings about their self-worth, they are resistant to considering beautiful things for themselves.

I found that most people honestly believe that they can’t afford/deserve to have nice things; even inexpensive things. They certainly could never hire an interior designer, even if those services were offered for free.  Interior designers were only for rich people who had too much money, too much time on their hands and for people who were basically lazy.  

Ya, know so many people feel that can't make improvements because of a lack of money, but I found that most people don’t even want to discuss improvements that are free! They don't feel deserving or worthy of considering something because they feel it is beyond their self-determined “boundaries” of worthiness.   They think it's about money, but it's not! 

Good design does not have to cost a lot of money.  There is always a way to accomplish the look and feeling you want without spending a lot of money!  Always!

In preparing for this blog, I asked one of my interior design colleagues about her experiences and if she felt there was a connection between self-worth and design.  She agreed that her clients often limited themselves based on their view of what they deserved, not so much about what they could afford or truly wanted.  I know this to be true throughout the industry.

She also told  me about how sad she would get when she walked her dog in her neighborhood. She would notice that some people had broken blinds, peeling paint, dead plants and a variety of other things that indicated those people were not feeling very good about themselves.   

She felt so sad because she knew that this meant they were feeling so bad that they couldn’t even fix the dangling drape or paint the front door.  They were stuck and couldn’t do simple things that didn’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.  Their home was sending a clear message about their view of themselves. 


These physical representations of bad feelings have an ongoing impact on how we feel.  We can get stuck in a downward spiral.  I think we call all relate to feeling this way at one time or another in our lives.

It’s pretty hard to feel good about yourself when you drive up to your home or walk in the front door and you’re visually reminded that you don’t!  Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed, frozen and can’t see the proverbial forest from the trees and don’t recognize these negative surroundings.  They become in a sense invisible.  But they are there!


We all have self-worth issues and most of us fear design and change!  Myself included! We fear design and change for a variety of reasons!  We are afraid of being mocked or shamed by our partners and others. We don’t want to appear inexperienced, naive or god forbid, exposed for having bad taste!  And we don’t want to waste money or cause a problem with our partner!!

I’ve written a list of the top 12 reasons I believe people don’t feel worthy and fear design and designers.  

See how many you can relate to.


 1.   Only for rich people

2.   Don't want to be exposed as inexperienced, judged or mocked

3.   Too expensive “I’ll get that when I retire”
4.   My project is too small, “I can live with it”
5.   Too fancy “I like simple things”
6.   Designers’ and their designs are too strange
7.   Afraid of change
8.   Afraid of being taken advantage of
9.   Designers are pushy
10.   My issues are too big “I wouldn’t know where to start”
11.    I don't want to deal with the disruption or my partner :o/
12.   I don’t deserve it “I can’t imagine ever having...”

With the popularity of HGTV and the DIY network this attitude has changed a bit.   People are more interested in design and are feeling more confident, but it is still a struggle!  I can’t tell you how many tears have been shed over which shade of beige to pick!  

I’ve shed a few tears myself!!  Let me share a quick little personal story.  My husband and I recently moved and I struggled with a lot of the design decisions for our new home!  YES, designers struggle too!!

One day, I found myself saying “I can’t spend that kind of money on a chandelier!” I had the money, money wasn’t the problem.  I loved the chandelier and it was perfect for the space! BUT something inside me said “NO, NO YOU CAN’T! You can’t spend that kind of money on a chandelier!!” Fortunately, a dear friend snapped me out of it and I came to my senses and bought it!  WHOO HOO!


I LOVE THAT FRIGGIN’ CHANDELIER!!  Every time I pass it, I’m reminded that I deserve it!  I deserve the best life has to offer! The only thing holding me back is ME and my FEARS and my own sense of self-worth.

So, what’s holding you back from GETTING ALL THAT YOU WANT?  Do you have any “broken blinds” that make you feel bad?

What simple changes could you make in your home that would make YOU FEEL GOOD and deserving of all THE BEST!

I want you to take a few minutes and imagine your dream life, your dream home!  Write it down. Then I want to you fix 3 things that are bothering you!  Fix them right away! 

Then, I want you to create a treasure trail of visual and sensory triggers throughout your home.  Visual and sensory triggers are little things that will remind you of your dream life, YOUR FABULOUS FUTURE!


Maybe you start by putting flowers on your nightstand or get a new tissue box in your kitchen or buy new bathroom towels, lite a candle that smells like your dream life!  

Do everything you can to create that GOOD FEELING place in your home!  YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH DESIGN!


All the best, all the time,


Nancy Swanton





If you’re interested in finding out more about my GUIDE TO LIVING IN ABUNDANCE - shoot me an email - nancy@thedesigndoctor.com